Glenfiddich 21yr Gran Reserva Rum Cask Finish

Glenfiddich 21yr Gran Reserva Rum Cask Finish


Aged for 21 years in Scotland, Glenfiddich Gran Reserva elevates moments with its indulgent rum influence.


Glenfiddich Gran Reserva, aged patiently for 21 years in Scotland, adds an indulgent finishing touch to any moment, elevating the ordinary to the exceptional. Initially quiet and rich with Glenfiddich’s distinctive distillery notes, it’s only when it achieves perfection that it emerges transformed, having been finished in Caribbean Reserva rum casks to infuse vibrant ginger, seductive fig, and invigorating lime notes, culminating in a crescendo of sweet toffee and exotic spiciness.

The return of the name Reserva to Glenfiddich’s 21-year-old after a few years under different titles is also accompanied by an upgrade to its packaging. It is still finished in rum casks for four months but now has a more elegant presentation, as befits its position towards the top of the distillery’s regular range.


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