Sonoma County

Sonoma County’s large number (17) of American Viticulture Areas (AVAs) reflect the wide variety of climate and soil conditions in the County, the large production in the County, and the prominence of Sonoma in the wine market. The difference in climate and soil (terroir), means that cooler climate grapes grow well in certain regions and in others warm climate grapes are more suitable. The large production of the County means that each AVA is significant in its own right. The prominence of the California wine industry and Sonoma County in particular has established worldwide recognition of their wine regions. At the same time, many consumers have been confused by the many different AVAs within it. The growers voted in 2006 to form a Sonoma County Winegrape Commission, representing more than 1,800 growers. The Commission seeks to raise recognition for the County and encourages all wine from the county to bear the mark “Sonoma County” on it.


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