Malbec is a thin-skinned grape varietal, purple in color, used to produce red wines. It originated in France, and it is one of the six grape varietals allowed in a Bordeaux blend. Currently it is grown all over the world, and most famous as an Argentine varietal. Malbec grapes have very dark skin and robust tannins, and need more sun and heat than Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot to mature, producing rich, dark and juicy wines. Malbec grapes are predominantly grown in France, Argentina, Chile and California. French Malbecs are usually softer in tannins, lower in acidity, and have rich fruit and blackberry flavors. Malbecs from Argentina and Chile have riper tannins, plush texture, and have juicy fruit flavors and flower aromas. This wine is a perfect complement to beef and lamb dishes, BBQ, and duck.


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