Vodka is a distilled spirit, made from fermented grains, potatoes, fruit, sugar, molasses, grapes, honey and even soybeans. The name comes from a derivative of a Slavic word that means “water”. The earliest recorded account of the word “vodka” traces back to 15th century, but it is believed that the spirit itself has existed as early as in 9th century. Vodka is a flavorless and colorless spirit that undergoes several distillation and filtration processes, with alcohol content varying from 40% ABV up to 95% ABV. Vodkas can be classified in two main categories: clear and flavored. Clear vodkas are one of the best selling spirits in the world, and flavored vodkas are steadily gaining popularity with a variety of new flavors constantly appearing on the market. It is can be drunk straight, or in a variety of different cocktails.


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