Chardonnay is a white wine grape variety, which originated in Burgundy region in France, and is now grown in every wine producing region in the world. Chardonnay is more than just a grape, it has become a brand of its own! This grape is very neutral, and derives most of its flavors from terroir, climate, and oak. For example, French Chardonnays tend to be crisp and mineral, and New World Chardonnays are oaky, buttery and fruity. It is one of the main grapes in production of sparkling wines and Champagnes.
Most Chardonnays are best consumed young, but some expressions of this wine can benefit from several years of bottle aging, especially if they have high acidity, like Chablis and White Burgundies. Chardonnay wine can be best paired with chicken and white meats, spicy Asian cuisine, tomato based dishes, and fish.


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