Wine by Type

Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from grapes, with out any other additions of enzymes, sugars, etc. Wines can be classified by the method they were produced. If the grapes are macerated with the skins, the wine will be red. It will be white, if the grapes are macerated without the skins (all grape juice is clear in color), and rose if there was a limited skins contact. If the wine contains carbon dioxide (either as a result of natural fermentation, or addition of CO2 to the bottle), it can be classified as a sparkling wine. Some wine producers choose to grow their grapes sustainably, or organically, and therefore their wines can carry a sustainable or organic label on the bottle. If the process of fermentation was stopped before all the sugars in the grapes are converted to alcohol, the wines can be classified as dessert. Some fortified wines also fit in that category.


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