Gin is a distilled spirit, which derives its flavor predominately from juniper berries, as well as other herbs, spices or flowers, called botanicals. There are several varieties and styles of this spirit, that differ mainly by the different botanicals and the number of botanicals used. Gin has a very long history and has been known for about a millennia. By the 11th century Italian monks have been known to flavor distilled alcohol with juniper berries, although it is Dutch physician Franciscus Sylvius who is credited with the invention of gin. Initially it was sold in pharmacies and was believed to have medicinal properties. It became hugely popular in 19th century in England, and after the invention of the column still in 1832 London dry was invented. Gin is widely used in a number of classic mixed drinks, such as martini, and gin and tonic, as well as in myriad of new cocktail recipes.


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