Amrut Single Malt Indian Whisky

Amrut Single Malt Indian Whisky


Amrut Single Malt is a high-quality introductory expression from the first Indian single malt whisky distillery.


Amrut is the first Indian whisky distillery, it was established in 1948 and is located in Bangalore, India. Amrut can be translated as elixir or water of life.

Amrut Single Malt is distilled from select Indian barley, grown at the foot of Himalayas, and cultivated by traditional agricultural practices. The barley is carefully mashed and distilled in small batches, and matured in oak casks at 3,000 feet above the see level altitude, in Bangalore. It is not chill filtered and bottled at 46% alc/vol. of natural color. It is a younger brother of Amrut Cask Strength Single Malt.

NOSE: Licorice, burnt heneycomb, toffee.

PALATE: Full, barley oak sweetness, licorice, molasses.

FINISH: Long, oak, notes of cream toffee.


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