C. F. Berger Absinthe Superieure

C. F. Berger Absinthe Superieure


C. F. Berger Absinthe Superieure is a tribute to the finest original Swiss verte absinthes, very high quality and spectacular taste.



C. F. Berger Absinthe Superieure represents a tribute to one of the finest original Swiss verte absinthes of the 19th century. Jade C. F. Berger is carefully reverse engineered by world renowned absinthe expert T.A. Breaux from sealed antique bottles of the original spirit, intact examples of which remain in the Jade Liqueurs archive. It was created for the purpose of the introducing the modern connoisseur to pre-ban absinthe as it was at the height of its popularity during the Belle Epoque. Following years of cult status in Europe, Jade C. F. Berger finally arrives in the USA, in its original uncompromized formula. It is crafted from pot distilled French eau de vie infused with whole botanicals and rested for an average of 3 years before bottling.

Shades of olive green with a distinct amber tint in color, Jade Liqueurs “C. F. Berger” Absinthe Superieure offers a rich, full-bodied aroma and flavor that are true to its antique Swiss root, with vintage full powered palate of Val de Travers Absinthe, Andalusian anise and fennel of Gard with a long, piquant herbal finish.

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Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 15 in


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