Defiant Single Malt American Whisky

Defiant Single Malt American Whisky


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Defiant single malt whisky is an excellent new artisanal spirit from North Carolina that surprises with its maturity and complexity.

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Defiant Single Malt is produced by the Blue Ridge Distilling Co., located in Bostic, NC. The founder and the owner of the Blue Ridge Co is Tim Ferris, a professional salvage marine diver. His crew, the Defiant Marine, was enlisted to help clean up New York after Hurricane Sandy.

Defiant Single Malt is produced in very small quantities using cultured yeast, selected by Tim, two-row premium brewers barley, pure water from the Blue Ridge Mountains, and new American oak toasted to perfection. There is no age statement on the bottle, but it is irrelevant, as this whisky is all about maturity and complexity of taste rather than age statement, bottled at 41% alc/vol.

Opening with a nose of grainy cereal and floral hints intertwined with notes of vanilla and butterscotch, this whisky’s palate unfolds with the essence of malt, complemented by vanilla, caramel, and honeyed fruit flavors. The finish, though medium to short in length, imparts a drying sensation. Notably youthful, this whisky surprises with its maturity and complexity, offering a unique and enjoyable malt experience.

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