Bartenura Malvasia

Bartenura Malvasia


Bartenura Malvasia is an excellent Italian moscato that features dark cherry, plum, and cassis flavors with rich notes of cinnamon, herb, and coffee.


Italy boasts a rich heritage of crafting some of the finest wines globally, and Bartenura is a testament to this tradition. Ranging from the iconic blue-bottled Bartenura Moscato to the timeless Bartenura Ovadia Estates Chianti DOCG, Bartenura wines are meticulously sourced from the most renowned wine-producing regions across Italy, offering wine enthusiasts an exquisite taste of the country’s winemaking excellence.

Among the distinguished offerings, Bartenura Malvasia stands out with its captivating blend of dark cherry, plum, and cassis flavors. This wine unfolds layers of richness, featuring enticing notes of cinnamon, herbs, and coffee. Its versatility shines through when paired with full-flavored grilled or sauced chicken, spicy fish dishes, or indulgent fruity desserts. Bartenura invites wine lovers to savor the diverse and exceptional flavors that Italy has to offer through their carefully curated selection.


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