Yzaguirre Seleccion 1884 Vermouth

Yzaguirre Seleccion 1884 Vermouth


Yzaguirre Selection 1884 Vermouth preserves the traditional techniques of historic Alpine winemakers, incorporating nearly 80 herbs and spices in its exclusive formula.


Yzaguirre Selection 1884 Vermouth is a premium product whose lengthy aging process gives it a very special consistency. An initial two-month maceration with over 80 different varieties is followed by two years in oak barrels, which helps to stabilize the aroma and color of the blend. In the mouth, there are notes of wood, herbs, and spices. It has a long and original aftertaste with intense bitter nuances.

Since it was founded in 1884, Yzaguirre has been making its products in accordance with the traditional methods and exclusive formulas that are the secret to their flavors and aromas while at the same time innovating and updating the processes that underline the high quality of all their products.

Yzaguirre Seleccion 1884 Vermouth is still manufactured following the traditional methods of the venerable winemakers that sprang up in the foothills of the Italian Alps.


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