Vidal-Fleury Ventoux

Quite possibly the smoothest Rh√¥ne valley red in the range at this price point, and a frequent bestseller, this is a real gem from the very wonderful team at Vidal-Fleury. With a sizeable dollop of Syrah in the blend, this red is consequently more Northern Rh√¥ne in style: dark, pure-fruited and smooth. A perfect partner for deep thinking and stirring of the creative juices. So get-you a Ventoux – quite right ‘toux! Vidal-Fleury’s tasty, traditional wines tend to be underestimated, which is a pity as it’s one of the oldest of the great northern Rh√¥ne merchant names. Vidal’s Syrah-dominant Ventoux, so far south in the Rh√¥ne it’s almost Provence, is worth raiding for your festive table as its darks, velvetty, brambly charm, perfumed with violets and black pepper and spice, will woo one and all.”