Triple Eight Hurricane Rum

Hurricane Rum is released each year during Hurricane season. The rum is over proofed at 88.8 proof to reflect the strength of the hurricane’s amazing natural power. It is aged in bourbon casks imparting a wonderful golden color and distinctive whiskey flavor. Hints of caramel and vanilla along with a smoky tobacco flavor make this rum very well balanced.

Triple Eight Hurricane Rum is part of the “storm series” from the Nantucket distillery, a place long known for whaling and severe weather. Triple Eight wisely proclaims, “Mainlanders and island residents should always take personal responsibility for individual safety in the face of an approaching storm, which include having a fully stocked liquor cabinet.” Hear, hear! The rum itself is made from a combination of Ecuadorian sugar and blackstrap molasses (a darker style of rum base) and aged for an unspecified period of time in ex-bourbon casks.

Triple Eight Distillery was founded by Dean and Melissa Long in 1997 on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts. The name is in reference to the source of their water, which is Well #888. The distillery itself is a collaboration of Cisco Brewers and Nantucket Winery forming in 1997.