Tenneyson Absinthe Royale is distilled at the historic Distillerie Les Fils d’Emile Pernot at the foot of Fort de Joux, located in La Cluse et Mijoux just outside Pontarlier in Eastern France. It is a Swiss style, colorless, Blanche or La Bleue, spirit is formulated by the internationally recognized David Nathan-Maister, author of the Absinthe Encyclopedia, and distilled under the watchful eye of Pontarlier-born-and-raised Master Distiller Dominique Rousselet to celebrate the spirit’s Swiss roots and French upbringing.

All of the herbs, botanicals and aromatics used in the creation of Tenneyson are sourced from authentic family farmers, hand-selected prior to distillation. The native wormwood is of the highest quality, grown in the same soil and terroir of the famous brands of the Belle Epoque. Distillation takes place in century-old Egrot copper alembics (last of their kind) and is bottled to preserve the subtleties and profile of the delicate essential oils that imbue Tenneyson with an unmatched balance of flavors.

Tasting Notes: The nose fills the room with fennel and juniper up front. Grande wormwood is coming up front leaving a nice place for the sweet fennel, rich anise and special sweet bitterness of juniper and bitter orange, all residing in perfect harmony. The citrus notes of the lemon balm and bitter orange mingle well together with the rest of the profile.

What makes Tenneyson Absinthe unique? It is an authentic Swiss-style absinthe made in the most famous absinthe town in the history of the world. The historic distillery and production location gives them an unprecedented access to the best ingredients. Juniper and citrus are added to the herb bill giving Tenneyson some slightly familiar gin notes. Each bottle is hand labeled, corked and sealed within the over century-old walls of the famed distillery.

Gold Medal San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2011