Powers Gold Label Irish Whiskey

Powers Gold Label Irish Whiskey


Powers Irish Whiskey, Ireland’s top-selling whiskey, is renowned for its rich, warm profile marked by an array of lingering spices.

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Powers Irish Whiskey, the top-selling Irish whiskey in Ireland, has earned the moniker “the father of all Irish Whiskeys” thanks to a rich heritage spanning over two centuries of whiskey distillation. Renowned for its warm, full-bodied profile, Powers boasts an explosive medley of spices that lingers on the palate. This distinctive flavor is a result of the whiskey’s triple distillation, utilizing both traditional copper pots and column stills. Powers Gold Label is exclusively matured in Bourbon casks for a period of five to six years. Recognized with The American Taste Award for Excellence and esteemed as a Double Gold winner in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Powers is celebrated as the ideal choice for crafting the finest Irish Coffee.

Powers presents vibrant and robust scents of toasted rye, fresh butter, green pepper, and warm biscuits. A peppery introduction on the palate unfolds with hints of cardamom, green apple, and spiced earth. The spirited energy continues into a deep, warming finish, rendering a memorable tasting experience.

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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 15 in


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