Writers Tears Copper Pot Irish Whiskey

Writers Tears Copper Pot Irish Whiskey


Writers Tears Irish Whiskey pays tribute to 19th-century Irish writers with its triple distilled blend of single malt and single pot still whiskey.

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Writers Tears is a distinctive representation of classic Irish whiskey, paying homage to revered 19th-century Irish writers and playwrights who found solace and creativity in their local taverns. Crafted using techniques reminiscent of original 19th-century Irish distillers and distilled exclusively in copper pots, Writers Tears blends single malt and single pot still whiskey, utilizing 100% Irish barley to create an ultra-premium brand. Its distillates exclusively derive from copper pots, undergoing triple distillation at 40% ABV, remaining unpeated, and maturing in American oak bourbon casks. With an inviting bouquet of apple, hints of vanilla, and honey, Writers Tears transitions to a gently spiced palate of ginger and butterscotch, culminating in an enduring, refined finish punctuated by nuanced notes of milk chocolate and almonds.

This exceptional whiskey has garnered a variety of accolades, including Best Blended Whiskey at the Irish Whiskey Awards, a gold medal from the International Spirits Challenge in London, and recognition as one of the highest-rated Irish whiskies in Jim Murray’s Iconic Whiskey Bible.


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