Meteoro Mezcal Joven

Meteoro Mezcal Joven


Meteoro Joven is an unaged Mezcal made with Espadin agave from Oaxaca. It offers bold flavors of fresh herbs, subtle smokiness, spices, and a sweet, warm finish.

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Mezcal Meteoro is named after the legend of a mezcalero who used a meteor-crater as an oven (horno) for cooking his agave, which created the best mezcal.

Meteoro Joven is an unaged Mezcal from Oaxaca. Made entirely from estate-grown Espadin agave, it is double distilled in the traditional way. It’s a bold mezcal with hues of fresh herbs, subtle smoky notes of mesquite, aniseed, spices and a sweet warm finish. A typically smoky and complex Mezcal.



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