Merlet C2 Cognac & Citron Liqueur

Merlet C2 Cognac & Citron Liqueur


Merlet C2 Citron & Cognac Liqueur blends VSOP Cognac with lemon and lime peels to create an enticing harmony of Cognac complexity and fruity freshness.


Merlet C2 Citron & Cognac is a fruit Liqueur from France and has an alcohol percentage of 33%. The palate of this liqueur is characterized by Citrus and Fruit notes.

On the nose, this liqueur has aromas of lemon, ginger, licorice and spices. The palate is a total explosion of the flavors of Cognac; then the freshness of the citrus zest appeals and combines with vanilla, fruits and wood. It is a blend of VSOP-type Cognac from the Distillerie Merlet & Fils macerated with lemon and lime peels, resulting in a spirit with an enticing combination of the complexity of Cognac and the freshness of fruit.


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