Glendalough 13yr Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Glendalough 13yr Single Malt Irish Whiskey


Glendalough 13yr is an exceptionally unique whiskey that is heralding a second chapter in the story of the Irish single malt.


Following a period dominated by blends shaping the identity of Irish whisky for nearly a century, Glendalough’s 13-year single malt revives the whiskey style that played a pivotal role in elevating Irish whiskey, a taste reminiscent of bygone generations. This stylish whiskey’s time for greatness has reemerged, carried by a profound commitment that embodies the essence of Ireland.

The nose reveals deep notes of butterscotch, honeycomb, and rich lemon meringue, harmonized with citrus fruits and a subtle hint of clove spice. The taste leaps forward with an intense luxurious sweetness of vanilla fudge, akin to rock candy, mingling with traces of fruit such as lemon citrus, peach, and dried apricot. This is followed by profound spices – red peppercorn and gentle cloves. The mouthfeel is truly velvety, delicately lingering on the palate. The finish leaves the spice lingering, underscored by robust malt characteristics and profound oak notes. The vanilla fudge resurfaces, culminating in an enduring finish.


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