Yonetsuru Daiginjo Sake (500ml)

Yonetsuru Daiginjo Sake (500ml)


Yonetsuru sake is a meticulously refined spirit that reflects the snowy region of its origin, offering rich aromas of banana, pear, and muscat grapes, a luxurious texture, and a complex finish.

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Crafted with meticulous precision, this bold and refined sake embodies an artisanal approach that includes a proprietary method for measuring raw rice in small increments, ensuring an exact ratio of rice to water throughout the brewing process. This commitment to detail results in a highly aromatic sake, with discernible notes of banana, pear, and muscat grapes. The texture is luxuriously rich, dry, and prolonged, culminating in a clean and complex finish.

The brewing of Yonetsuru is a carefully executed process performed by local artisans with unique skills, grounded in a philosophy of harmony with nature and people. Yonetsuru’s goal is to produce a soft and sincere sake that reflects the distinct qualities of the snow region.


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