Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey

Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey


Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Rye is crafted in the traditional style of Kentucky Ryes, delivering flavors of pepper and tobacco with a long, sweetly spiced finish.

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Situated in the heart of bluegrass and thoroughbred farms, the historic Woodford Reserve Distillery, one of Kentucky’s oldest and smallest, carries a legacy dating back to 1812. Guided by history and modern expertise, Woodford Reserve offers a range of flavorful whiskeys, each showcasing distinct characteristics. The distillery’s unique features include gravity-fed barrel runs, copper pot stills, ancient cypress wood fermenters, and a heat-cycled barrelhouse that contributes to the renowned color and flavor of Woodford Reserve.

Woodford Reserve Kentucky Style Rye uses a pre-prohibition style ratio of 53% rye in its mash bill to pay homage to history’s original rye whiskeys, making spice and tobacco the dominant note among a sea of fruit, floral, and sweet aromatics, which yields a nice sweetness and overall balance.

Ideal for sipping or mixing, enjoy this rye whiskey neat, on ice or in mixed drinks and cocktails like an Old Fashioned or a Rye Manhattan cocktail. In 2020, this rye whiskey received a gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.



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