Vega Sicilia Cosecha 2000 Unico Ribera del Duero

Vega Sicilia Cosecha 2000 Unico Ribera del Duero


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Vega Sicilia Unico’s Vega Sicilia Cosecha is a powerful and complex red wine blending intense aromas of dark fruit and spices from multiple vintages.


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The Cuvée Presentation of Vega Sicilia Unico unfolds the narrative of a powerful, full-bodied, and complex wine, weaving together intense aromas of dark fruit and spices. It offers a unique expression, crafted from multiple vintages, some as venerable as twenty years. Firm and elegant, this red is lean but dense, with dried cherry, tobacco, vanilla, licorice, and leaf flavors, complex and harmonious in the traditional style.The qualities of the Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon in different proportions are assembled to perfection in this wine. 40 hectares are used to produce Unico, with at least ten years of aging, in both barrel and bottle, considered to be one of the world’s longest. French and American 225-litre oak barrels, new and used, 20,000-litre tanks; a long and complex process, that makes these wines outstanding when released and eternal when aged.

Vega Sicilia, situated on predominantly limestone soil akin to Burgundy, stands as the hallowed ground for one of the world’s preeminent wines. The nomenclature, despite its reference to Sicily, is a homage to the Santos Sicilia family, erstwhile proprietors of the vineyard before 1864, with “Vega” signifying “valley” in Spanish. The vineyard’s evolution involved the incorporation of major Bordeaux grape varieties alongside the indigenous tempranillo.

A defining facet of Vega Sicilia lies in its contentious aging process. Commencing with large oak barrels from the inaugural year, the wine then transits into diverse barrels of varying ages and sizes. This journey culminates in an aging period of five to ten years, softening the temperament of this remarkably potent wine. Certain vintages even endured more than 25 years in barrels. In contemporary times, the estate has adopted a more ‘traditional’ aging approach, capping the duration at around ten years or so. The legacy of Vega Sicilia endures, not just as a wine of unparalleled distinction but also as a testament to the ongoing dialogue between tradition and innovation in the realm of winemaking.

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