Tamworth Garden Apiary Gin

The story of Tamworth began with the story of hard work in a hard land, the relationship between the people and the soil. Our Apiary Gin celebrates the efforts of the most industrious workers around us: our local bees. Distilled with juniper berries, hand-foraged Poplar buds, Red Clover flower, and of course, 100% New England raw honey, Apiary Gin’s forest pine flavors are mellowed by the delicious fruits of our little buzzing friends labor. Another reason why we work with the land, not against it.

NOSE: The smell is sweet and soft, underpinned by a verdant piney note. The honey (this gin is first and foremost an ode the bee) is evident in both the aroma and with its amber glow influencing the color of the spirit, a feast for the eyes as well.

PALATE: The first taste that comes through is also the honey, but this sweetness quickly gives way to an underlying pine and gentle citrus.

FINISH: While it doesn’t deviate too far, it does circle back around, leaving a lingering, though far from cloying, sweetness on the palate.