Taconic Founder’s Rye Whiskey

Taconic Founder’s Rye Whiskey


Founder’s Rye is aged in virgin American white oak barrels and boasts a unique banana pudding flavor and peppery praline sweetness.

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Founder’s Rye Whiskey is the latest release from Standfordville, New York’s Millbrook Distillery. Launched in 2013 by founders Paul Coughlin and Gerry Valenti, Millbrook Distillery kicked off its line of spirits with a Straight Bourbon named after Dutchess County, in which Standfordville resides. Dutchess Private Reserve 2013 was followed by a Limited Edition Barrel Strength Bourbon. Having produced two well-received Bourbons, Millbrook’s decision to introduce an expression of America’s oldest whiskey, Rye, holds a lot of promise.

Founder’s Rye’s spirit was sourced, but unlike their past releases, it was aged by Millbrook on their property in their own wood. The time it spent aging in virgin American white oak barrels has lent it a rich salted caramel hue that belies its youth.

Founder’s Rye presents an uncharacteristic twist: banana pudding. One might, therefore, expect a particular smoothness to this 90 Proof rye. It doesn’t disappoint. The essence of banana dominates the nose. The edges are dusted with a peppery praline sweetness and a dash of snickerdoodle. An undercurrent of woodiness and spice gets under the tongue and tends to command the flavor, but it is the rye’ss mild sweetness, like summer fruit just before full ripeness, that glides it along. The finish is clean and even smoother, as fresh bananas and watermelon sourballs linger into a mild, mellow finish


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