Square One vodka is handcrafted from 100%-certified organically grown rye and produced with an unprecedented organic fermentation process. The resulting spirit is richer and smoother than any vodka on the market.

Square One Bergamot, Square One’s newest spirit takes the vibrant taste of bergamot citrus and layers it with mandarin, tangerine and navel oranges, plus the herbal warm spice of ginger, coriander and juniper botanicals.

Bergamot orange, predominately grown in Italy and along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, is a hidden gem among citrus fruits. Bergamot gives Earl Grey tea its signature floral notes and chefs use bergamot citrus as an extra layer of flavor in deserts. We chose bergamot because of the remarkable grassy, floral and tangy qualities of the fruit’s peel. With the infusion of bergamot citrus with multiple orange and herb botanicals, we’ve created an orange-inspired spirit with greater depth and character than what is typically found among singularly flavored orange vodkas.