Spud Potato Vodka is distilled in Poland, known as a region that produces some of the finest vodkas in the world. Spud received 94 points double gold rating from the ultimate spirits challenge, 2nd highest rated rated second only to Purity vodka, so if price point is a concern, but high quality is still desired, this is the vodka for it.

Spud Potato Vodka is distilled from potatoes which means it’s part of only 2% of vodkas that are made from potatoes¬†the reason for this is because while potatoes were used in the past as the primary ingredient for vodka they proved to be much more expensive because of the quality than by using wheat grain or corn as most other vodkas use.¬†So instead of using less expensive ingredients spud vodka uses the most ideal ingredient for vodka because potatoes are well known to produce the smoothest vodka that can be made