Sorbetta Lemon Liqueur

Sorbetta Lemon Liqueur


Sorbetta Lemon Liqueur is a delicious domestic lemon-flavored liqueur that features a potato-based body with an infusion of handpicked lemons.


Expertly handcrafted from Eureka lemons, Sorbetta Lemon Liqueur is one of the first potato-based liqueurs ever available in the United States. For each 300 gallon micro-batch, 4,500 of the finest lemons are hand peeled, macerated, then combined with pure cane sugar and LiV Vodka, a premium, artisanal potato spirit from Long Island, NY. The result is a smooth, full-flavored liqueur that balances bright, tart fruit notes and tangy acidity with the perfect amount of contrasting sweetness.


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