Santo Tequila Reposado

Santo Tequila Reposado


Santo Tequila Reposado’s semi-sweet profile with a subtle hint of light pepper heat highlights nuanced flavors of agave, caramel, and citrus.

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Derived from the heart of Jalisco, specifically the Los Altos and Ciénega regions, this reposado tequila is meticulously crafted, commencing with an exceptional blanco base that undergoes a transformative four to five-month period of rest in lightly charred used American oak bourbon barrels. The entire process takes place in stone and brick ovens, utilizing a roller mill for extraction and drawing water from deep wells. Fermentation is a closed process in stainless steel tanks, ensuring purity with 100% agave and no fibers. The distillation process involves double distillation in a stainless/copper hybrid still, culminating in a unique aging process in American White Oak barrels, Whisky barrels, and used barrels. This 40% ABV (80-proof) tequila, carefully devoid of additives and subject to aeration, matures for at least 6 months in French white oak casks.

The result is a semi-sweet profile with a subtle hint of light pepper heat, allowing the nuanced flavors of agave, caramel, and citrus to shine. This versatile and remarkable value can be enjoyed straight, on the rocks, or as a delightful addition to a margarita, showcasing the seamless balance and smoothness that define this exceptional 100% agave aged tequila.

Santo Tequila is owned by two mega stars, Sammy Hagar the godfather of celebrity Tequilas. Guy Fieri the face of the Food Network. Santo is made at El Viejitio founded in 1937

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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 15 in


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