Little Book® Chapter 7, “In Retrospect,” is the seventh chapter in the Little Book Whiskey series. “In Retrospect” offers any curious whiskey drinker a chance to explore where American Whiskey can go by looking back to where it’s been.

Now, with six chapters written, the seventh chapter of Little Book pushes the story ahead, building on what’s come before in ways not yet seen. Little Book Chapter 7 is a blend of seven different liquid streams, blending one liquid from each of the previous chapters, then adding a record seventh. “In Retrospect” is a nod to the past but also sets the course for what’s next, not only for Little Book, but Freddie’s continued journey as Eighth Generation Master Distiller of the Fred B. Noe Distillery.

“Hopefully over the course of this journey, we’ve intrigued somebody enough to try something different”.


Deep russet with golden hues
Subtle sweetness with notes of clove spice
Slightly floral with light smoke and sweet vanilla, followed by caramel