Liquore Strega

Liquore Strega


An iconic Italian liqueur, Liquore Strega features a unique blend of 70 herbs and spices, including saffron for its yellow hue and pronounced flavors like mint and juniper.


Liquore Strega is an Italian liqueur that has been produced in Benevento, Italy since 1860. The recipe is a mix of 70 herbs and spices which include Samnite mint, Ceylon cinnamon, Florentine iris, Italian Apennine juniper, fennel, and saffron. The saffron is the key to Strega’s signature yellow color and the mint and juniper are two of the most pronounced flavors within the herbal mixture.

Strega is aged in ash barrels to allow the various flavors and aromas to blend.

Strega is the Italian word for ‘witch’ and the liqueur is sometimes referred to as such. The name is appropriate because the town of Benevento has long been considered the City of Witches and folklore says it has been a gathering place for the witches of the world. Throughout the town one can find many strega products including candy that uses the liqueur.

The liqueur makes an appearance quite often in pop culture. It is often used as the drink of choice for Italian characters in movies, TV, and literature.


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