Laurent Cazottes Tomato Brandy

Laurent Cazottes Tomato Brandy


Laurent Cazottes’ exceptional artisanal tomato brandy, handcrafted in Villeneuve-sur-Vère, exemplifies his meticulous craftsmanship and one-of-a-kind nature, making it a must-try spirit with a captivating savory-sweet balance.

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Laurent Cazottes is one of the most conscientious producers in the world. His line of super artisanal spirits have quickly become the rage in top restaurants, bistros, and wine bars in Paris, where it suddenly seems like everyone needs to have some. The reason is simple; no one in the world makes anything quite like him and the sheer quality is unsurpassable. Making its debut in the USA is this brand-new, rare, organic tomato brandy.

Laurent Cazottes is handcrafted in Villeneuve-sur-Vère by its namesake, who farms the estate biodynamically and grows a myriad of fruits and flowers, including nearly extinct grape varietals – Prunelart, Mauzac Rose, and Folle Noire. Laurent’s latest project is the cultivation of dozens of Tomato varieties.

All of Laurent’s eaux-de-vie follow the same approach. He uses only the edible part of each fruit, removing all stems, pips, or other bitter components that would detract from the pure fruit essence that he captures. Using his father’s still, he distills his eaux-de-vie to retain not only the quality of the fruit but also the terroir of his carefully-maintained estate.

As with his other liqueurs, Laurent will wait until the tomatoes are dried (passerillé). They are then fully destemmed and their bitter components removed by hand. After, the flesh is put into an eau-de-vie of Folle Noire grapes and left to macerate until the tomato essence is fully extracted. This is then racked and the “pomace” is pressed and redistilled into a marc. Finally, this marc is added back to the liqueur. Any adjustment in sugar is done with Folle Noire grape sugar.

The spirit showcases an interesting balance of savory and sweet. It is a great pairing for umami-forward dishes like oysters and rilletttes.


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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 15 in


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