La Maison Carree Auvernier Savagnin Blanc

La Maison Carree Auvernier Savagnin Blanc


The 2017 Auvernier Savagnin Blanc is a full-bodied and elegant wine, showcasing the intensity, lushness, and creamy texture of the ancient Savagnin grape.


From the ancient Savagnin grape, extensively cultivated in the Jura on both sides of the border, emerges the 2017 Auvernier Savagnin Blanc—a wine of profound intensity, lushness, and creamy texture. Marked by remarkable elegance, persistent salinity, and delicate raciness, this full-bodied Savagnin exhibits a captivating interplay of flavors, complemented by dry phenolics that add complexity to its profile.

The estate’s history traces back to the 16th century, with successive generations of the same family overseeing its operations to this day. The vineyards sprawl across two primary regions—Auvernier to the west and Hauterive to the east of the town of Neuchâtel. The soil composition throughout this expanse is a blend of clay and chalk, contributing distinctive characteristics to the wines. With a commitment to preserving the original terroir, the estate endeavors to ensure its wines stand out amidst the fruity, pleasing, and dry white wines synonymous with these regions. The 2017 Auvernier Savagnin Blanc is not merely a testament to the estate’s legacy but a contemporary expression that upholds the timeless qualities of this ancient grape variety.

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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 15 in


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