Kronan Swedish Punsch Liqueur

Kronan Swedish Punsch Liqueur


Swedish Punsch blends rums from the West Indies and East Indies with spices and bitters, resulting in a rich and complex liqueur.


Swedish Punsch is a liqueur of two histories—a national drink in Sweden, and a component of more than fifty classic cocktails. Made with rums from the West Indies (Demerara and Jamaica) and East Indies (Batavia Arrack) and numerous spice and bitter flavors, Kronan has exceptional depth and complexity, particularly with a bit of citrus added.

Kronan Swedish Punsch offers a rich, full-bodied rum palate with complex notes of toffee, smoke, molasses and leather. This punsch is a cocktail within itself. The spicy, sweet, nutty, tannic components already deliver complexity. It’s a drink appropriate for all seasons.


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