Your overwhelming enthusiasm with our first bourbon
launch was heard loud and clear. We’ve made more. I’d
like to welcome you to our new, Kansas Single Barrel
Straight Bourbon. The same philosophy as our first
launch, but with the added exclusivity of each bottling
derived from a single barrel. No blending whatsoever.

Every bourbon barrel is as unique as the tree from
which it was hewn. So, you’ll note nuanced differences
of aroma and taste of each barrel bottling as imparted
by the wood. You’ll also recognize subtle differences in
the undertones and enveloping flavors, fragrance and
mouthfeel as coaxed by the varied temperature and
humidity of the rickhouse where each barrel was placed
during aging.

Thank you again for your continued enthusiasm. Don’t
hesitate to write. We’d love to hear your experience with
Kansas Single Barrel Whiskey.

Paul Goldman, President, Kansas Whiskey