Gozio Amaretto Gift Pack

Gozio Amaretto Gift Pack


Gozio Amaretto Gift Pack comes with two glasses and a great bottle of highest quality Amaretto.


Gozio Amaretto is a superb product with a unique taste. It is not a sticky liquid but a smooth pale liqueur. Gozio Amaretto Liqueur is produced using only the highest quality natural ingredients: alcohol, burnt sugar and the pure essence of various selected fruits coming from four continents, left in infusion for at least 60 days. Only the best quality bitter almonds are used in the recipe to enhance its bouquet, aroma and taste. Contrary to other products there are no artificial aromas, extracts or distilled additives added. Gozio Amaretto is 100% natural.

Gozio Amaretto Gift Pack includes a 750 mL bottle of Gozio Amaretto and two glasses.


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