Geijer Glogg Liqueur

Geijer Glogg Liqueur


Geijer Glogg Liqueur is a high-quality Swedish liqueur reminiscent of falernum or vermouth that offers spicy-sweet notes of cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon.


First crafted in 1889, the world’s first glögg liqueur, based on a generations-old Swedish family recipe, offers spicy-sweet notes of cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, rounded with hints of almond and bitter orange, making it a versatile component for exciting drinks. It serves as a high-quality falernum or a fresh vermouth substitute in classic cocktails.

The Swedish glögg, enriched with traditional spices and botanicals, is elevated by Geijer Glögg Co. of San Francisco into 1889, a 20% alcohol glögg liqueur made with distilled spirits instead of wine. Developed in collaboration with St. George Spirits, this groundbreaking liqueur employs neutral spirits distilled from grain to accentuate spice notes, maintaining a balanced profile free from excessive sweetness. Enjoy 1889 cold or hot, and incorporate it into cocktails like muddled orange with rye whiskey or mixed with orange juice and a touch of club soda.


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