Flag Hill Karner Blue Gin

Karner Blue Gin is the flagship gin of New Hampshire’s only in-state distillery at Flag Hill Winery in Lee, only a relatively short drive from the oft traveled I-95 as it hugs along the coast of the state. Flag Hill Winery was founded in 1990 and has been distilling spirits using local ingredients since 2004. Probably best known for their General John Stark vodka, they launched Karner Blue gin in Fall 2011.

Plans for the first distillery in the state of NH since prohibition were underway long before the first batch of product was ever made. As early as 2000 Frank Reinhold was laying the groundwork that would allow Flag Hill to expand into the art of distilling. Karner Blue Gin is distilled from 100% NH apples and steeped with 9 botanicals.

NOSE: The nose is immediately floral: rich and intoxicatingly sweet. Notes of citrus and warm tropical fruit, almost fruit punch like. It smells luxurious and rich.

PALATE: The first taste is a pleasant burst of juniper. A bit sharp, but gives way to peppery background notes and robust citrus.

FINISH: The juniper lingers and has a long smooth finish. It sticks around sweet and junipery in the back of your mouth for even a minute after.