Espolon Cristalino

Espolon Cristalino


Espolòn Cristalino is a uniquely robust and aromatic tequila, boasting caramelized agave, honey, greenery, earthy, chocolate, and salted caramel notes, ultimately offering an exceptionally smooth sipping experience for those with a discerning palate.

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Each drop of this silky, aromatic Cristalino begins with the rich flavor notes of caramelized agave and honey followed by a fruity oaky finish. Tougher and more agave-focused than the typical cristalino, here we have a tequila that keeps greenery and earthy notes firmly in its purview, though there’s a clear undertone of chocolate and salted caramel in the mix. The palate is creamier and sweeter, leaning more on butterscotch and toffee notes — which is in keeping with the standard Espolon Anejo expression. Again, the finish sees a lightly green quality, toasty with some barrel char, a bit of hemp rope, and some pepper. It’s layered with enough sweetness to keep things light and on its feet, but a slightly bolder, more aggressive taste sets it apart from other cristalinos. Espolòn Cristalino is exceptionally smooth and is meant to be sipped & savored – for those with a perceptive palate.


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