Effen vodka is made in the Netherlands and takes it’s name from the Dutch word for “smooth, even, balanced” according to their marketing website.¬†It is made from Dutch wheat and filtered through charcoal in a “bottom up” fashion (patented, according to the website) where the distillate is forced up the through carbon by pumps rather than letting it filter down by mere gravity.¬†This is thought to increase contact with the charcoal and improve purity.

Effen Dutch Raspberry Vodka¬†is flavored with both raspberries and vanilla for what they describe as a “light, crisp taste.” Formerly known simply as “Effen Raspberry” it was re-branded in 2011 as “Effen Dutch Raspberry.”

The complex combination of all natural raspberry and vanilla flavors in Effen Dutch Raspberry make for a light, crisp taste you won’t find anywhere else. It’s refreshing, whether enjoyed straight up or in a cocktail.