Diep9 Old Genever

Diep9 (pronounced “deep nine”) inherits its name from the deep 500 year-old history of genever, and from the nine botanicals immersed in its centuries-old distillation process. Handcrafted from grain to drop in an authentic copper pot still at Stokerij De Moor in East-Flanders, Belgium since 1910, Diep9 Genever delivers an award-winning taste that is truly characteristic of the country from which it hails. Diep9 is bottled by hand in historic, handcrafted clay jugs, which are still being found in old shipwrecks. The clay jug’s iconic shape is recognizable and unique to genever.

Diep9 Old Genever is double distilled in 52 gallon batches from rye, wheat, and malted barley with nine botanicals in a traditional copper pot still according to old-style of 16th century distilling techniques. The nine botanicals are juniper berry, sweet orange peel, blessed thistle, carob, nutmeg, grains of paradise, angelica root, cinnamon, and coriander. It has a traditional character defined by 40% malt wine (grain mash). Barrel aged in French oak (Bordeaux) for two years, this bright golden-colored genever exhibits a smooth taste with malty, earthy flavors. Sip neat, on the rocks with an orange peel, pair with a Belgian beer or mix in a cocktail. Diep9 Old Genever is great in the equation of “spirit, sugar, water and bitters” and shines in a martinez, old fashioned or negroni. The aromas of cereal and malt attract the whiskey drinkers while the spice and complexity of the taste intrigues the gin drinkers.

NOSE: Subtle spiciness that you can smell as soon as you open the bottle.

PALATE: A delicious cereal malt, spices and slightly floral bouquet with hints of wine and oak notes thrown in for good measure. Very slight background notes of grain alcohol wrapping around an orchestra of wonderful aromatics. The malt grains perform a lovely backdrop to the more aromatic.

FINISH: Think of this as a very malty, flavored rye aged in wine barrels as a start. Lovely smooth oily entry of a slightly sweet, spicy start with fruity notes and some nice wine,oak,leather,grape, malt and slight pepper notes with a moderately long slightly drying finish that somehow retains sweet sour rye grain notes. Wonderful complex parade of flavors that delights and challenges the senses in a nice way