Cynar Artichoke Liqueur

Cynar Artichoke Liqueur


Cynar is an artichoke-based bittersweet liqueur enriched by an infusion of 13 herbs and plants that is known for its versatility and distinctive flavor.


Cynar stands as an artichoke-infused bittersweet liqueur renowned for its unique flavor profile and adaptability, combining the essence of 13 herbs and plants. The name is derived from Cynar scolymus, the botanical name for artichoke, as the leaves of this plant contribute to its distinct taste.

Retaining its original secret recipe, rooted in the natural components of artichokes such as ‘cynarine,’ the creation of Cynar dates back to 1952 and is attributed to Angelo Dalle Molle, a Venetian entrepreneur and philanthropist. Having gained prominence through iconic advertisements featuring actor Ernesto Calindri during the Italian “Carosello,” Cynar’s popularity soared in Italy.

With its invigorating herbal bittersweet characteristics and modest ABV (16.5%), Cynar becomes an excellent choice for pre or post-dinner indulgence, as well as a favored option among bartenders for crafting distinctive and impactful cocktails.


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