Chambord Liqueur

Chambord Liqueur


Chambord Liqueur is a popular liqueur crafted from juicy black and red raspberries, fine French cognac, sweet Madagascan vanilla, and fragrant herbs.


Chambord Liqueur was first crafted in 1982 and inspired by a raspberry liqueur created for King Louis XIV. This exquisite infusion combines red and black raspberries, Madagascar vanilla, and XO cognac. To create this luscious concoction, handpicked blackberries and raspberries are first carefully selected, their juices are extracted and soaked in French spirits, mingling for four weeks, followed by the addition of more French spirits. After two weeks, the infusion is perfectly achieved, and the fruit is pressed to capture the natural juices and sugars, resulting in a delightful and sweet foundation that transforms into the delightful Chambord Liqueur.


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