Cave Caloz Syrah Les Bernunes Valais 2014

Cave Caloz Syrah Les Bernunes Valais 2014


Cave Caloz Syrah Les Bernunes Valais 2014 offers a smoky and spicy nose of dry leaf hints, complemented by a ripe, juicy, and heavy palate with silky tannins.


The Caloz family, established in 1960, manages a small family domaine in Miege, Valais, Switzerland, applying the “Production Intégrée” philosophy for sustainable viticulture. Conrad Caloz, along with his wife Anne-Carole, focuses on terroir-driven wines in the Coteaux de Sierre appellation. The steep, terraced vineyards of “La Mourzière” and “Les Bernunes” benefit from the high-altitude Alpine conditions, producing wines with intense minerality. Notable grape varieties include Fendant, Petite Arvine, Humagne rouge, Savagnin (Heida-Paien), Cornalin, and Gamay from the ancient vineyard “Les Fontanettes.” The winery emphasizes organic practices, hand-harvesting, natural fermentation, and minimal sulfur use.

Cave Caloz Syrah Les Bernunes Valais 2014 is crimson in appearance. The nose is smoky and spicy with hints of dry leaves. This ripe and juicy Syrah is heavy, and characterized by silky tannins. This wine has a great aging potential. The look and taste of aromatic red fruits give it a unique character.

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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 15 in


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