Castillo Silver Rum

Castillo Silver Rum


Castillo Silver is clear rum distilled from fermented molasses. This light Puerto Rican rum is perfect for mixing cocktails.

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A rum coming out of the house of Bacardi, Ron Castillo was designed as a cheaper alternative that could compete on the domestic stages with other brands like Don Q. On average, a bottle of Ron Castillo costs about 25% less than a bottle of Bacardi. But don’t let the price fool you, Ron Castillo is good value. Its sales are growing steadily in the USA and recently hit the million-case mark.

Castillo Silver is their clear offering, made in a traditional style from fermented molasses, though actually aged in oak one year prior to bottling. It has a very neutral flavor with just a bit of spice and tropical fruit. Mix with cola or tropical juices for refreshing cocktails.


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