Castellucci “Miano” Bianco 2020 (100% Catarratto)

Castellucci “Miano” Bianco 2020 (100% Catarratto)


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Castellucci Miano Blanco is a limited-production mountain wine from Valledolmo, Sicily’s highest vineyards, made with 100% Cattarratto grapes.

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Hailing from Valledolmo, Sicily, this wine is sourced from the highest vineyards above sea level in the region, creating a unique mountain wine that skillfully captures the essence of both the land and the sea in every glass. It has earned numerous international accolades, standing as a testament to its exceptional quality. Crafted exclusively from 100% Cattarratto grapes grown on ancient alberello vines, the nectar produced by these vines promises a drinking experience unlike any other, commanding your attention with its medium body, aromatic profile, and crisp taste.

With a production limited to 40,000 bottles, this wine embodies the essence of its territory, situated on the slopes of the Madonie Mountains at an elevation of 700-900 meters above sea level. The Catarratto grapes undergo meticulous cultivation, with sapling and espalier training systems, an average vine age of 20 years, and Guyot and spur pruning methods. The vineyard’s sandy, clayey, medium-textured soil, featuring an alkaline reaction from active limestone, contributes to the unique character of the grapes. Harvested in October, the white vinification process involves fermentation at a controlled temperature of 16 °C, with no malolactic fermentation carried out. The wine undergoes a three-month aging period in stainless steel tanks, followed by an additional two months in the bottle. This exceptional DOC Valledolmo wine from Sclafani County, Sicily, boasts an alcohol content of 13% vol., providing a delightful expression of the region’s terroir and winemaking expertise.

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