Candolini Grappa Bianca

Candolini Grappa Bianca


Candolini Grappa Bianca boasts a clean, refined, and soft palate and nose as a result of its carefully selected distillate.


Candolini Grappa Bianca showcases a pure, sophisticated, and gentle palate and aroma, which are the delightful outcomes of its meticulously selected distillate. With its rich aromatic profile and robust flavors, it serves as an excellent ingredient for both cocktails and culinary creations. However, its true splendor is unveiled when savored in chilled glasses among friends around a crackling fire following a satisfying meal. Unwind after dinner with this remarkable Grappa, an exquisite fusion of tastes crafted with precision in Northern Italy since 1898.

This spirit derives its captivating essence from the infusion of the “magical” ruta plant and the ruta twig, both contributing to its distinctive aromatic bouquet and enhancing its digestive properties. The inclusion of the rue herb imparts a pleasantly tangy flavor, elevating the overall experience of this liqueur.


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