Bushmills The Original Irish Whiskey Triple Distilled

Bushmills The Original Irish Whiskey Triple Distilled


Bushmills’s Original Irish Whiskey is a versatile blend of single malt and grain whiskies that is rooted in tradition and heritage.


At the heart of Bushmills’s lineage, their Original Irish Whiskey emerges as a versatile and harmonious blend. Marrying their unadulterated single malt whiskey with a lighter grain counterpart, its profound, velvety warmth permeates your senses, akin to the experience cherished by generations prior. Maturation in bourbon and sherry casks imparts a delightful interplay of fresh fruit and vanilla nuances, resulting in an accessible whiskey that pays homage to its rich legacy. With a heritage tracing back to a recipe predating Prohibition, Bushmills Original stands as the quintessential whiskey choice for crafting timeless, pre-Prohibition cocktails.

Bushmills is named for the mills that made the barley and the River Bush, which remains the water source to cut their whiskey to proof today.



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