Breckenridge distillery is located at 1925 Airport Rd in the ski town of Breckenridge, CO. They utilize traditional open-top Scottish style fermenters and distill in a 700 Gallon Vendome custom copper combination pot still.

Breckenridge owes its success to a unique high-rye mash bill and to careful mingling of casks at each bottling and the perfect Breckenridge snowmelt water used for proofing. The natural minerality of ther water source ensures the luscious mouth-feel, depth of flavor, and long finish making Breck Bourbon one of the very best Whiskeys in the World. It is aged in new American Oak barrels for 2-3 years and bottled at 43%alc/vol.

NOSE: Sweet buttery corn, rye bread, honey, dark caramel, oak.

PALATE: Medium, corn sweetness, vanilla cream, oak, cinnamon.

FINISH: Short, corn, cinnamon.