Bonny Doon Vineyard Contra 2009 is a wine that reflects the opposite of modern wine sensibilities — of wines over-worked and amped up, pushed and prodded into Procrustean palatenumbing sameness. A rebours, this wine is a contrarian blend of perhaps the most old-fangled grape variety, carignane, from several extremely old (100 year+), nongrafted, dry-farmed head-trained vineyards, located in Contra Costa County, and the puer aeternus syrah, young, vibrant, racy and peppery. Contra is a somewhat contradictory flashback/forward to the straightforward, frank wines of yester- and future-year. A field blend that contravenes contraindicated convention, with aromas of black cherry and licorice, flavorful cassis, blackberries and silky tannins. A wine (hardly) contraindicated for gastronomy, it is above all, contrapuntal.

We aspire to produce wines in a more unaffected, hands-off style, with minimum winemaking intervention or manipulation. Equally we are committed to greater transparency. To this end, we append a list of ingredients used in the production of this wine.